Sophie and Trevor

Facebook Love Story - Sophie and TrevorMeet Sophie and Trevor who fell in love on Facebook.

How did these two who lived in Indiana and England find each other on the world’s largest social network?

It all started in the fall of  2007, when Trevor was going to a University in Indiana.

At the same time, Sophie was living in Leeds, England running her own business. Neither was interested in developing a long-distance relationship.

The two happened to join a “Star Wars” fan group on Facebook, where they entertained themselves collaborating on fan fiction. Sophie and Trevor became fast friends as they got to know each other over the period of just three months.

In the summer of 2008, Sophie and Trevor decided to finally meet in person. They decided that Berlin would be the city for their first date. Later that year, they both realized that they were falling in love.

Over the next several years they commuted between Indiana and England as their relationship flourished. Both Sophie and Trevor acknowledge that Facebook played a huge part in keeping them connected, during the time of their long-distance relationship

In 2012, the two finally got married in New York City . They just celebrated their first anniversary and are madly in love and finally living on the same continent, in each other’s arms in the Big Apple.

Congratulations to Sophie and Trevor who allowed their Facebook romance to flourish while living in different countries across the Atlantic.

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