Alexa and Devin

Facebook Love Story - Alexa and Devin

Meet Alexa and Devin who found love on Facebook through the “People You Should Know” feature.

Here’s Alexa’s story in her words.

For the longest time it felt like, I was always looking for love but could never find it. I tried online dating off and on for about two years and felt like there was no hope for me. I knew so many of my friends who had success with Internet dating, but the more I tried, the worse the dates seemed to be.

My friends all told me countless times, you’ll find someone when you least expect it, or told me that when I’m not looking is when he will come into my life. Being the impatient person I was though, I didn’t want to hear this. One day I received a friend request from someone I didn’t know named Devin. We had one mutual friend in common, so I thought I might have met him somewhere and just didn’t remember.

I looked at his pictures and couldn’t recognize his face, but I thought he was cute so I thought, what the heck?? I added him. He was the first person in my six years of being on Facebook that I added without knowing in real life. We didn’t talk or anything for a few days after that, but then he commented on one of my pictures, saying “hey there ;)” I found his comment cute and decided to message him.

I asked if I knew him from somewhere and he said that we didn’t, but I showed up in the “People You May Know” feature and he thought I was cute so he added me. We started talking on and off a little bit, then a little more. Finally we decided to hang out and have been inseparable since.

Thank you to Facebook for the ability to upload pictures of ourselves. I’ve finally found the great man that I’ve been looking for, or I guess I should say that he found me 🙂

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