Jenny and Dax

Facebook Love Story - Jenny and DaxMeet Jenny and Dax who found love on Facebook.

If you didn’t know one of the biggest secrets on Facebook, it’s the conversations that go on in the private groups where chatting and dating has resulted in love.

When Jenny, who lives in Canton, Ohio, joined the Facebook private group called “Super Specials,” created by a blogger friend of hers, she didn’t have love or dating on her mind.

Meanwhile Dax, who was from St. Mary’s, Georgia, joined the group and started flirting big time.

The wisecracks, according to Jenny, got her hooked and she sent him a Facebook friend request, which Dax accepted.

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Jenny noticed the bad jokes on Dax’s Facebook page and the two then started chatting privately on Facebook.

Six months later, the two decided to meet IRL in Charleston, South Carolina.

Jenny traveled from Ohio to Charleston and Dax come up from Georgia.

“We felt like we were a couple before we even met, ” said Jenny. ”

She added, “The first time we spoke on the phone, there was something familiar in his voice and we just had a connection.”

Before their big meeting, Dax had told Jenny, “I’m going to kiss you right when I see you!” And he did.

The two started a long-distance relationship and got together for long weekends once a month for 1.5 years, but they knew that someone would have to move. Jenny tried to get her company to let her work remotely in Georgia, but it turned out that was not an option. Finally, Dax started to look for work in Ohio. Without success, he picked up and moved to Ohio to be with the woman he loved. A few months later, he landed a job in his field and then his son joined him in Ohio.

So is there a happy ending? You bet. Jenny and Dax were married in September in her back yard. Her friend Chris, who started the Facebook group, officiated the wedding.

It was three years from the day Jenny joined the Facebook group until her wedding day. The family now includes Jenny’s two daughter’s and two cats, Dak’s son and basset hound, and all together, they are a happy family of eight.

Congratulations to Jenny and Dax who proved that joining a private group on Facebook could result in a happily ever after.

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My Very Own Facebook Love Story

When I first created Facebook Love Stories in 2013, I saw the large trend of singles finding love on Facebook, as well as couples who reunited with a little help from digital Cupid. The stories kept pouring in, as I continued to provide dating coaching services to singles looking for love online.

Little did I know, that three years later, my long-lost-love would find me and we’d reconnect on Facebook. Call is karma, call it fate, but at the end of the digital day, I have my own Facebook Love Story to share with the world.

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After we went our separate ways, over a decade and a half later we reconnected on the world’s largest social network.

Julie and Stu


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When I first joined a dating site, over 20 years ago, it was after a recent broken up with the person I thought was the love of my life. At the time, I was considered an online dating pioneer. I collected my stories, but knew it was too soon to share them with the world. Both to heal my heart and help others, my first book The Perils of Cyber-Dating was published and became a bestseller. I had no idea that 7 years after the book was released, my long-lost-love would get divorced. He read my book and blog seeking dating advice, from the woman he referred to as the love of HIS life.

When we initially connected on Facebook, we chatted on instant messenger trying to fill in the pieces of the long time we had been apart. A week later, we met in person and our eyes locked again in a similar way as they had the first time we met, 23 years earlier.

At our reunion, we went down memory lane and eventually decided to live ACT 3 of our love story.

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In 2016, I re-released the Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online as an audio book, which I narrated, and on Kindle with a new epilogue to share our magical fairy tale ending, proving you can have a second chance at love with the help of Facebook.

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