7 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Dateable

How to Make Your Facebook Page DateableFacebook’s Graph Search is a new tool that’s rolling out now. We’ve been experimenting with dating using this new feature and shared some of our best tips with Glamour on how to make your Facebook page more dateable.

In addition, the Match.com “Singles in America” survey reports that 48% of single women and 38% of single men research their dates on Facebook before a first date. In addition, 38% of singles have canceled a date due to something they found online while doing their digital due diligence.

Facebook has also played a large part in breakups according to the Match survey, with 55% of the men saying they broke up due to a date’s pictures, 42% due to a wall post on someone else’s wall, and 28% who have broken up due to their status update.

So before you start poking someone new, it’s time to clean up your Facebook profile.

Here are 7 tips you must know to fall in love on Facebook.

  1. Don’t Hide your Relationship Status.  If you’re single, let the world know. Our Facebook Love Story couple Diva Taunia and Jake reconnected when his sister noticed her relationship status changed to “Divorced” and ran to tell her brother.
  2. Check their Relationship Status.  Before you respond to that Facebook chat, look at his or her “About” page to make sure their relationship status is listed as “Single” and take note to see if they’re “In a Relationship.”
  3. Do your digital housekeeping.  Your break-up with your ex may be old news to your closest friends, but not to a potential suitor. Take the time to untag, remove, and discard your digital history, so you can appear as someone who is ready for a new relationship, and aren’t hanging onto the past.
  4. Glance Through the “People You May Know” Feature.  Our featured Facebook Love Story couple Patience and Sam are now happily married as a result of Sam seeing Patience’s photo as a suggestion and had recognized her from high school.
  5. Keep your Chat Window Open.  Flirting on Facebook is the best way to enjoy a digital courtship.  Make sure your privacy settings enable this feature. Go ahead and be brave and say hello to someone you might have a digital crush on.
  6. Don’t Kiss-and-Post.  You may be excited about your date from last night, but you don’t really know if he has another one scheduled for tonight. If you must post, take a photo of your desert, but don’t mention your date or tag him in the photo. You’re far from “Facebook Official.”
  7. Don’t Complain about Your Date.  So he didn’t resemble his profile photos or she had ten extra pounds. This happens often, so complaining on your Facebook page won’t make you more dateable. It will actually turn-off someone who might have been ready to ask you out on a date. Nobody wants to date a “Debbie Downer.”

Is your Facebook page date ready?

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Photo credit: Thomas Pajot – Fotolia.com